Happy Birthday Mom!

She's the reason I adore J.Crew, the reason I majored in fashion merchandising, my photographer for my blog who isn't afraid to tell me if I'm posing wrong, and most importantly my best friend. Without her, I don't think my blog would be called The Gold Dime, she thought of it! She drove around town all summer with me promoting my blog for hours and helped me design my business cards too. I am so thankful to have a mother who's just as interested in fashion as me, maybe even more. Lyn is my biggest fan and number one cheerleader. She taught me things about makeup, the reason I eat and live as organic as possible, and probably the reason I would ever think to wash my face with coconut oil. I'm really lucky to have a mom that I can call on the way to class and tell her my outfit of the day and have her get really excited. I think I'm also really thankful she has an incredible closet. So here's to you mom, have the best birthday ever! See you in a week and a half.

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