Friday Faves 12.11

Neutrogena Clean Face Wash
I was in the market for a new face wash since my last one only lasted me about a month because of it's size. I wanted a simple one that would keep my breakouts at bay but also a gentle one. I of course kept those things in mind while considering price. I ended up getting this one because it was the cheapest for the most amount of product. I loooove the smell of it and it makes your face tingly which I love. So far so good.

 Aveeno Makeup Wipes
While I was on the hunt for the face wash, I needed to get some new makeup wipes too. I heard Amrezy talk about these ones on her snapchat and she has incredible skin, so I trusted her opinion. I gotta say these are soooo much better than the Ponds ones I've been using simply because they're bigger sheets and smell a lot nicer. Although, I felt the Ponds ones has more product as well as texture to really get rid of makeup. Both have pros and cons, but I'm loving these right now. They also snap shut so they don't dry out!

Fashion Society Fashion Show
This semester I was determined to get more involved on campus and what better way to do so than with the Fashion Society? We had our Dress For Success fashion show Thursday and I'm so happy with how it turned out. It was such a fun experience! 

So you may not have noticed but I didn't include a November playlist post. I wasn't thrilled with the playlist, although you can still check it out on my Spotify. I've been listening to the same few songs which you can check out here!:

Knock Knock Stationary
So that dreaded finals week starts next week for me, but I'm actually done with my first half of sophomore year in one week (yay!). So to stay organized and keep up with everything I need to do I've been using my 7 Days A Week notepad from Knock Knock. I love the satisfaction of checking things off when I'm done, anyone else?!

I hope all my fellow college students aren't stressing too hard over finals, you got this! xoxo.

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