8 tips for starting a blog

I've been blogging on The Gold Dime since the very end of April and I feel like I never talk about the backside of blogging. It's more than just pretty pictures and clothing, it's HTML coding, thinking of new content, and photography just to name a few. Thinking of blogging? Here are my tips and ideas that I've acquired over the months from fashion blogging.

1. Join a blogging network
Even if you don't want to do a fashion blog, just any type of blog, get involved in a network. I am apart of The Shelf as well as Her Campus. I suggest Her Campus to anyone and everyone that has a blog. It gives you so much inspiration regarding posts and it also informs you on sponsored/paid blogging opportunities.

2. Be original 
An obvious one is to be original. Of course get inspiration from fellow bloggers, but create things that make you and your blog different from the millions of other blogs out there. Make your own look, make your photos creative, style outfits you've never seen before, etc. Why have a blog if it's an identical one to another? 

3. Be consistent
It seems like people are always emailing/messaging me and asking "how do you do it?" or "I want to start a blog, what's your advice?". BE CONSISTENT. There are so many people I know who start a blog and get mad when it doesn't take off. Generally it's because they're only posting once every 2-3 weeks. Of course we're all busy, but devote some time each day to creating a few blog posts. Do them in bulk if you have a busy week coming up, then just schedule them to post automatically. Being consistent is key on gaining a blog following.

4. Invest in your blog a few months in
When you notice you're gaining readers and you're confident that you want to continue blogging, invest in it. Buy a domain name (.com address), buy a DSLR camera, buy a layout if you're not good with HTML codes, or buy photoshop. These are all elements that lead you to making a professional looking blog.

5. Think of an original blog name
I feel like this was really important when I created my blog. I wanted to be different from all the blogs that are titled with "cupcakes" "glitter/sparkles" "preppy" "pink" "sincerely, so and so" and so forth. I wanted people to see my blog title and go wow that's different, I wonder why it's called that. I feel like all blogs nowadays are always titled" (something girly) and (insert another girly thing)". I wanted a name that I'd still love in ten years. I suggest picking something you've never seen before as a title. Make it something that resonates with you and you feel proud explaining to people why you picked it and where it came from. For example, Rach from Pink Peonies is one of my all time favorite bloggers, but I don't necessarily think it's an intriguing title. On the other hand, Blair Eadie from Atlantic Pacific makes me wonder why that is what she wanted to title her blog.

6. Promote your posts
SO. IMPORTANT. If you just started a blog, how will people know unless your promote your posts? This is where social media is your best friend. Post on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. I know you might be thinking, "won't people just think I'm annoying and not read it?". Not at all. If you want to gain some followers and get page views this is crucial. I believe that if I promote a post on social media, at least one person will stumble upon it and read it. You'll be surprised who ends up reading your posts! I get tons of random messages from people I never thought would read them saying how much they enjoy my blog. 

7. Be fluid on social media
If you like changing up your profile pictures/banners etc. on social media like me, this might be tough for you. I read somewhere that keeping all of your profile photos the same (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) people generally remember you and your blog whenever they see that particular picture. Whenever they see it pop up they're like "oh yeah, that's so and so from that blog". I know this may not be worded in the most coherent way, but for example, Carly from The College Prepster has had the same profile picture and banner since the day I followed her three years ago. Whenever she tweets/instagrams etc. I know it's her. It's like your logo, people will remember it the more they see it!

8. Have fun
Having a blog should be enjoyable. Start a blog if you want to share your ideas and thoughts with others and you really find a joy in doing so. I love creating new content and I think that's why blogging has come so easy to me. If you don't see yourself wanting to do new posts because it sounds like a hassle, don't start a blog. It should be a fun outlet for you! 

If you enjoyed these tips leave a comment below and let me know if you are starting a blog, I'd love to continue giving new bloggers some tips!


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