Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas #GalPalHoliday

Who else is thrilled to be home with family for the holidays?! I haven't seen my brother in months, I miss my parents dearly, and I can't wait to be back in my own bed (if we're being honest).
My post today is actually apart of a link up with some of my FAVE bloggers, Cathleen, Cristina, and Rachel! The linkup consists of holiday themed posts, this month being Thanksgiving.
 I know sometimes I get stumped when it comes to outfits around the holidays. I want to be comfy because I plan on eating three plates of food but I also still want to look cute for all the family pics. Here are three different options for what I might wear this holiday.

1. Classic

This is my take on a classic look that is still comfy after eating two helpings of mashed potatoes. I love cords because they really dress up an outfit in a simple yet effective way. You can never go wrong with Sperry's and a simple button down shirt.

2. Relaxed 

This outfit is perfect if your family is more relaxed around the holidays, like mine. Still cute, still comfy. I love dressing up flannels and this is an ideal way to do so. I'll probably be wearing this on Thanksgiving!

3. Dressy

This wool skirt and scarf combo is really cozy for the holiday. You can add knee high socks or tights depending on what you think is acceptable. I think this outfit is great for more fancier Thanksgiving dinners but while still feeling comfy.

I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving dinner with your family & eat lots of turkey! xoxo.

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