November Money Well Spent

I can't believe I'm already onto my November Money Well Spent! This month I didn't think anything super extravagant was necessary. The items I chose are great for comfy, chilly days.

F L A N N E L // 
I included some quality flannels this month because this time of year is when I break down and just want to wear some leggings, a flannel, and some bean boots. I suggest Madewell's flannels because they're thick and cozy. You can even borrow this staple from the guys section if you like that oversized look. 


If you're a college student, a warm hat is ideal for walking to class in the cold. It also helps when you're having a bad hair day, obviously. A neutral would be my first choice, but a fun pom-pom hat would be great as well. Whatever matches well with your fall/winter coats would be best!

P A T A G O N I A    R E - T O O  L    S N A P    T // 

Freshman year of college I was known as the girl in the fuzzy red sweatshirt on my floor, this guy right here. I LOVE these even though they're kind of pricey for a pullover (Look for sales! I got mine $40 off the original price). But I kid you not, you'll be amazed how warm they are. Layer it over a long sleeve shirt and it's heaven for chilly days. They make some really jazzy prints in these, but I suggest a neutral color. I think my next color will be black or the white. I love Patagonia and what they stand for as well.

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