Friday Faves

Hi readers! Today's post is a tester for weeks to come. I'm going to do weekly round-ups on some of my favorite things for the week. I used to do monthly favorites but I felt like I would forget a lot of items and I felt like they were never that great of a post. As you may know, I try to make sure every post is perfect and worthy of reading. Even when I have really simple posts that are just to inform you on things (CollegeFashionista, small announcements) I try to make them the best they can be. 

So enough rambling, here's what I've been loving this week!

C O L O U R P O P    U L T R A   M A T T E    L I Q U I D   L I P S T I C K S
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If you've been a consistent reader of The Gold Dime, I did a post about Colourpop Lippies before and I raved about them. I love liquid lipsticks and I've been putting off buying these from Colourpop just because I didn't think I needed them. But then I realized, $5 for a quality liquid lipstick? So I bought 4 of them. I got bumble, beeper, clueless and tulle. I wore tulle in one of my instagram photos with Mike, and it's a perfect vampy color for fall. I love these because they virtually do not budge or slip off! Kind of tight and drying on your lips, but if you're looking for something long wearing, it's so worth it. I hate touching up my lips so these are ideal for long hours.

H A L L O W E E N   C O S T U M E S

Even though Halloween seems like old news now, I'm so obsessed with what I was for Halloween this year. It's the first time I've actually been "creative" for the holiday instead of just being the typical cat, devil, nerd, etc. My suitemates and I were the Spice Girls, myself being Posh, on Friday. Then I was a Dalmatian on Saturday with Mike who was a firefighter. The lip color I wore for Posh was Beeper by Colourpop and the red for the Dalmatian was Bumble by Colourpop for those who are curious!

If you've known me for even just a day, you know J.Crew is my heart and soul. But recently I've been really loving the edginess and style of their sister store, Madewell. They're more trendy and casual which is what I've been wearing most of the time for class. I love how the looks are so comfy but yet so put together. Here are some of the items I NEED to get my hands on real soon, and yes it's practically the whole store.

T U R T L E  N E C K S

 Okay random, and bouncing off Madewell, I'm LOVIN' TURTLENECK SWEATERS. My mission when we went to the city a few weeks ago was to only get turtlenecks. Well I got one, this one from Madewell (worn above) and it's the best purchase I've made in a while. My (incredible) mother is the reason I started this obsession since she suggest I get one for a blog post. So, she sent me this striped on from J.Crew factory that I love equally as much. I think I love them so much because to me, everyone I see wearing them, look so chic and put together.  I feel like a sophisticated French woman when I wear the striped one hahaha.

I C E D    C H E S T N U T    P R A L I N E    L A T T E

HOLIDAY DRINKS ARE BACK, my inner white girl is coming out for this one. I wasn't thrilled about the drinks coming back originally because I didn't really like the ones I had had last year. Our campus has the friendliest baristas and one recommended the chestnut praline latte since it tastes like "captain crunch". She was right and I've been getting it all week! I get mine iced, like most drinks I get there, just because I like the taste better.

Leave a comment down below if you like the concept of Friday Faves! I think I'm going to do these for a few weeks.


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