10 Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Over the past few months my love for Instagram has grown immensely. It's to the point where I just look for photos to post because I'm bored. (I may do a post about what apps I use to edit them!)
Anyway, I really like instagram to get outfit inspiration as well. I can scroll through a few photos and get an idea of an outfit I can wear the next day. Of course I read fashion blogs, but instagram is much quicker and convenient to check periodically throughout the day.
Here are some of my favorite instagram accounts to follow for inspiration:

1. S H A L I C E   N O E L

2. B L A I R   E A D I E

3. J U L I A   E N G E L

4. M A R Y   S E N G 

5. J U L I E   S A R I N A N A

6. Sydney Carver

7. Jacey Duprie

8. Alex Garza

9. Inspo Cafe - filled with many different bloggers

10. Charles McBryde 


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