Although you guys got a little sneak peek last week, in today's post I am I'm combining all my favorite things, a turtleneck, a bright lip, leather leggings, and some fun shades. 

These glam sunnies are only $5!


Casual Errands

Running to Target is even more fun when you wear a great outfit.


Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas #GalPalHoliday

Who else is thrilled to be home with family for the holidays?! I haven't seen my brother in months, I miss my parents dearly, and I can't wait to be back in my own bed (if we're being honest).
My post today is actually apart of a link up with some of my FAVE bloggers, Cathleen, Cristina, and Rachel! The linkup consists of holiday themed posts, this month being Thanksgiving.
 I know sometimes I get stumped when it comes to outfits around the holidays. I want to be comfy because I plan on eating three plates of food but I also still want to look cute for all the family pics. Here are three different options for what I might wear this holiday.

1. Classic

This is my take on a classic look that is still comfy after eating two helpings of mashed potatoes. I love cords because they really dress up an outfit in a simple yet effective way. You can never go wrong with Sperry's and a simple button down shirt.

2. Relaxed 

This outfit is perfect if your family is more relaxed around the holidays, like mine. Still cute, still comfy. I love dressing up flannels and this is an ideal way to do so. I'll probably be wearing this on Thanksgiving!

3. Dressy

This wool skirt and scarf combo is really cozy for the holiday. You can add knee high socks or tights depending on what you think is acceptable. I think this outfit is great for more fancier Thanksgiving dinners but while still feeling comfy.

I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving dinner with your family & eat lots of turkey! xoxo.

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

So with Black Friday coming up this week, (which I'll be working for the first time this year, eeeek!) today I have for you an awesome + long list of gifts you can get for generally anyone this holiday season. Gifts with * labeled are great for either the guys or gals in your life. All gifts are reasonably priced as well (I'm following my quality products over cheap ones rule)! Lets get to it.

1. Ray-Bans * // 2. Wallet - For Him* // 3. Longchamp tote

1. Boxers * // 2. Birchbox or Ipsy Subscription // 3. Patagonia Half-Zip * // 4. Starbucks gift card *

1. Candles - for show - great scents * // 2. Beats Headphones * // 3. Fun Mugs (1) (2) (3*) // 4. Polaroid Camera // 5. Hunters 

1. Spotify Subscription (Student Discount) * // 2. Pajama Set - Her - Him * // 3. Perfume or Cologne * // 4. Fun socks * // 5. Nail Polish

1. Duffle Bag * // 2. Sneakers Him - Her * // 3. Sleep Mask // 4. Beanie Hat

1. Sephora Gift Sets // 2. Personalized Jewelry // 3. Tech cases - iPad - iPhone - For Him *

I hope you have an INCREDIBLE holiday season. There's nothing better than spending time with family-- so safe to say, I'm super excited to finish finals and head home for break! 

Best wishes. xo.

Friday Faves 11.20

T  G  I  F.

1. Chopped 
Okay when I say I'm addicted to a Netflix show, it's a big deal. I'm one of those people that feel entirely guilty if I sit in my bed and binge watch shows when I very well know I could be doing 1000 other things. The other night I based my night around watching Chopped: "One more episode then I'll shower" or "I'll finish this episode then I'll get some homework done". The show itself isn't even that great but I love seeing what people come up with on the show. It's interesting to see!

2. Kevita Probiotic Drinks
I mentioned last week that I was feeling a little 'out of it' and had been getting some headaches as well as tummy aches. My mother (the organic queen) recommend I start not only taking a probiotic pill but also starting drinking probiotic drinks. They make you feel so much better and they're truly a great way to stay healthy. They come in tons of flavors as well; my favorites include blueberry cherry and lemon cayenne. It's slightly carbonated and tastes amazing, it's a nice little treat to have each day that is also really great for your body. (+They're gluten free, dairy free, and non-gmo!)

If you haven't seen my announcement on instagram, then i'm sure you noticed when you clicked on the site that I HAVE A DOMAIN NOW! After being down ALL last weekend (I was going insane without my blog) I finally am up and running. So instead of, I'm just! I'm so thrilled, I feel so official!

4. African Black Soap Body Wash
I've been experiencing some acne on my chest (TMI but it happens) and when I was picking up my Kevita drinks, I thought I'd peruse the soap aisle in the organic section. (I've been really getting into going all organic with everything lately, like my toothpaste and other beauty products). I tried the black soap a few years back in the bar form when I had the same problem with acne and it really didn't help. I saw the body wash version and decided to try it again. This one has small natural exfoliants in it as well, which is great for the upcoming colder months. I noticed a different in my skin the day after I started using it. I swear it's because it's organic!

5. Iced Coffee with Peppermint 
My go-to drink this week has been a venti iced coffee with peppermint flavor from Starbucks. It's really refreshing! I'm sure you're wondering why I don't just get peppermint mocha, but to be honest, I wasn't that big a fan of it when I tried it! So this is my alternative, much cheaper too.

6. My readers + followers
When my site was down last Friday-Monday because of the domain change, I was a wreck. I was terrified I wouldn't get any posts up for a long time and would lose all my readers + support. I missed my first scheduled post for the first time since August and truly I felt like I had failed. LUCKILY after working with a ton of customer service reps and spending almost 3 hours trying to figure out why the switch was so dramatic, I got it working early Tuesday afternoon. During those few days I had so many people truly concerned with what was wrong and they were actually very sad they couldn't read my posts. I just want to say thank you to everyone who reached out to me and showed their concerns, thank you to the reps who eventually figured out the issue, and thank you to my mom who had to listen to me have a freak out each day! Luckily now I have my own domain and I'm very happy- so it was worth it!

Have an incredible weekend loves!

The Newsette

Hi everyone! Quick post today to inform you that I was chosen to be an ambassador for! The Newsette is a daily, weekday e-mail newsletter informing you on the latest fashion, beauty, news, and more! It's a quick and easy way to always be in the know with what's going on in the world. The Newsette is a great way to start your morning, and it's always waiting in your inbox when you wake up. I'm making this short post because I feel like a lot of my readers would love The Newsette and the content it offers. I'd love it if you signed up, you wont regret it! 

I'm so excited to be an ambassador for such a wonderful concept! Hoping you enjoy, xo.

Buffalo Check

There's no other pattern out there right now that I love more than buffalo check. I have it in a baseball hat, a scarf, two flannels of it, etc. I love it because it honestly goes with everything in my wardrobe and it's so versatile. I got this flannel a few weeks back during my day trip to the city and I've worn it probably twice a week since then. I love it because it's the perfect fit for being oversized. Enough chatter, here's how I styled it today.

This type of look is what I love to wear for class. Casual but still put together. 

The result of my boyfriend taking pictures for me. Couldn't stop laughing!


Friday Faves 11.13

I'm back with another Friday Faves post! I thought the first post of FF went well so here we are again a week later. Let's get to it.

1. MAC Fix+ spray
I used this religiously last year when I had super dry skin while on Accutane. It's a setting spray that contains glycerin in it. I started using it again to make my face powder set a little more and look less cakey. I also use it as a primer since the glycerin really holds my foundation in place. My makeup looks a lot more natural since I spray this on. It's super refreshing too! I also use it to spray on my eyeshadow brush, dip it into a metallic shadow, and apply it to my lid. By doing this it makes the shadow more vibrant and brings out the pigment even more. I highly recommend it for the up coming cold months where our skin can get more dry. 

2. Organic Peppermint Tea
I've been experiencing terrible stomach aches as well as headaches lately (yuck). I've always loved peppermint tea, I drink it a lot before bed, but recently it's been my go to for getting rid of my aches and pains. Peppermint tea is really refreshing and helps with digestion. And it's a perfect flavor for the upcoming holidays ;)

3. Michael
I always seem to mention him here and there in some posts but I feel like I never explain who he is! Michael is my fab boyfriend and he and I celebrated being together for a year on Friday, November 6th! I can't believe it's already been a year. I've known him since the spring before my freshman year of college, so technically he's been in my life a real long time now. I'm so thankful for all that he does for me, I'm a lucky gal. 

4. Coconut Oil + Neutrogena Naturals Cream Cleanser
I've been removing my makeup with coconut oil religiously for about two or so weeks now. I've noticed a huge difference when I combined washing my face with a new cleanser I got last week. My skin is much clearer and smoother. I also notice it's dramatically changed in tone, less scars and hyper pigmentation! I really suggest incorporating coconut oil into your regime, it's amazing for your body (the hype about it is so real!). I also moisturize with it and use it as a hair mask. 

5. Justin Bieber's new songs & The 1975 Tour Videos
Does Justin Bieber realize he basically puts out a new single every week? I'm not complaining. I loved 'Sorry' and now I'm loving 'Love Yourself'. As for my beloved The 1975, their tour began and they decided to play new songs from their upcoming album which is planned to come out in February. AHHHH. Here's my favorite new song so far, 'Change of Heart' (not super ideal quality, but you get the gist).  How great are their sets with the different color schemes for each song?!

Hoping you like this new segment of Friday Faves, cheers to the weekend! xo.

10 Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Over the past few months my love for Instagram has grown immensely. It's to the point where I just look for photos to post because I'm bored. (I may do a post about what apps I use to edit them!)
Anyway, I really like instagram to get outfit inspiration as well. I can scroll through a few photos and get an idea of an outfit I can wear the next day. Of course I read fashion blogs, but instagram is much quicker and convenient to check periodically throughout the day.
Here are some of my favorite instagram accounts to follow for inspiration:

1. S H A L I C E   N O E L

2. B L A I R   E A D I E

3. J U L I A   E N G E L

4. M A R Y   S E N G 

5. J U L I E   S A R I N A N A

6. Sydney Carver

7. Jacey Duprie

8. Alex Garza

9. Inspo Cafe - filled with many different bloggers

10. Charles McBryde