Links I'm Loving

This post is also inspired by Classy Cathleen's FRIYAY links posts. I love her and her blog, check her out! 

1.   I P H O N E   A P P S
cleen - perfect for clearing out unneeded photos on your phone that you don't need. If you're like me and have tons of screenshots, silly pictures, etc. it's great and a fun way to do so!

VSCO Cam - Not going to lie, I hated this app when it first appeared on the app store a few years ago. I couldn't understand it how to work it! But lately, I've been devoted to keeping a 'theme' (or 'aesthetic' as I like to call it) or use the same filters on my instagram. VSCO helps because you can see your photos next to each other as you edit, so you can see what it will look like on instagram.

2.  Y O U T U B E 
The 1975's Tour Video - I love the editing as well as the song for this video. And hello, The 1975. 

Maddi Bragg's Instagram Editing - My inspiration for bettering my instagram feed as well as what caused me to download VSCO Cam!

BatALash Beauty - any tutorial by Sam is INCREDIBLE. She's absolutely gorgeous and her personality is hilarious. She's soooo talented. I get so excited when there's a new video.

3. B L O G G E R S

Blair Eadie - GOALS. I'd like to say I relate to her style the most, and it's my biggest inspiration. Everything the wears is SO effortless. I love the fact she wears sunnies in basically every post. She influences sooo many of my outfits

Sydney from Summer Wind - Also a huge outfit inspo of mine. I've been loving how she styles her leather pleated skirt from J.Crew.

Bloglovin' - Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin', it's a great app to follow all your favorite blogs as well as get notified for new posts as soon as they're posted!

4. F A S H I O N

Current wishlist is as followed: 
Poshmark- I'm back on Poshmark! I have a few things for sale, be sure to check them out. If you missed out on somethings, I will be posting more around Thanksgiving and also mid-December to mid-January when I'm home for breaks. 

Let me know if you guys like these posts!