October Playlist

Here's another playlist from the month of October, my most listened to songs on Spotify. I'm very proud of this month's music; I can't stop listening to 'Middle' by DJ Snake.

Does anyone have Spotify premium that thinks it's worth the money?
Let me know!

NYC // Day Trip Recap

This past Sunday my friends and I had the chance to take a day trip to the city! We spent the entire day there and shopped (literally until we dropped). Here's a little recap of what we did, as well as a little video I put together of the day!

Bag // Shirt // Pants // Booties // Coat

You'll see in the video that I only got the aftermath of our incredible brunch at Delicatessen, but here's a glimpse at the before shot. The avocado toast was amazing, as well as the mac & cheese and these truffle fries! (heart eyes emoji)

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We were in SoHo for basically the entire day, which I hadn't gotten to explore before this day.

xoxo, until next time.

Knock Knock Products

I'm so excited for today's post because I'm talking about a brand I have loved for years! The brand is Knock Knock and they create some of the silliest yet beneficial products. If you're like me, you love planning and writing out ideas, which is probably why I love these items so much. There's something for getting your life in order, a pro and con list, and even a notepad for people you may strongly dislike. Today I'm showing you one of their notepads, the 7 Days A Week pad, that I use all the time -- whether it's for scheduling blog posts or just for the busy week of classes ahead. Knock Knock was also kind enough to send me the To Accomplish Sticky Notes Packet, which I'm so excited about.

So fun right? 
Be sure to sign up for Knock Knock's e-newsletter. New signups get 20% off any order of $50! Click here to do so.

*I was sent the sticky pad packet on behalf of Knock Knock but all opinions, as always, are 100% my own! 

Boyfriend Tee

This shirt is literally my boyfriend's, that I rolled up a little bit and styled it so it wasn't so oversized, and you'll realize why I stole it for obvious reasons.

aaaaand here's why.

I'm actually not named after the Shelby Mustang, I'm named after Shelby from Steel Magnolias, fun fact.


October Money Well Spent

Another Money Well Spent is in order for today's post! If you're a new reader, Money Well Spent is a post ("series" if you will) I do each month that includes items I think are worth the splurge. Overtime, I'm hoping you can build your perfect wardrobe with everything that is totally necessary.

Be sure to view previous months to get some more ideas!
Now onto October's.

P U F F E R   V E S T S

One of the first things I purchased from J.Crew, around four years ago, was a khaki green excursion vest and I've been in love with vests ever since. I chose puffer vests for this month because to me, fall is all about layers. A gingham shirt, a sweater over top, a vest, jeans and some riding boots are the epitome of fall. If you want to see more outfit options with my vests, read my old post here.


J . C R E W   P I X I E   P A N T S
If you're having one of those days when you just want to wear leggings but still want to look decent, these pants are for you. They're a thicker material than leggings and have a more professional look. They have a zipper along the back too which is a nice added element. Wear them with your favorite comfy sweater or a chambray button down. 

D U C K   B O O T S

I've had my L.L. Bean duck boots for about two years now and they still look brand new. They're great for chilly days but also for when the snow comes. They're more versatile than people may think; tons of outfit options if you search them on Pinterest! 
Here's both the vest and these boots in action:


Until next month's MWS.

Florals + Distress

How fun is this sweatshirt?! It paired great with my military jacket and I love the contrast of casual and dressy with the heels.


I'm hosting a Stella & Dot trunk show!

Hi everyone! I have some exciting news for you if you're thinking of buying some (gorgeous) jewelry soon; if not, maybe this will change your mind! 
My friend Marie from ThePreppyMag will be styling for Stella & Dot and I get to host it! 
The event will be October 19th, Monday, at 8 pm, online!

To RSVP click here!
I hope to 'see' everyone there! 

Make sure to follow me on my social medias (top of the browser) as well so you can be reminded to shop the show if you don't RSVP.


Taupe Tunic

Today I get to show you one of my favorite brands in action, Piko Shirts!
They were kind enough to send me one of their new asymmetrical tops and I'm in love with the color and style.

Thank you so much to Piko Shirts for sending me this shirt, I'm so thrilled to be supporting such a great company. Check out the rest of their products on their website here. I have two of the v-neck short sleeve dresses which I also adore. All their products are so comfy and great quality for a reasonable price; I love their simplicity because outfit options are endless.