Post-Summer Detox Waters

Okay everyone, we had our fun. Summer is coming to a close and we gotta get back into the swing of things. In this post I'm giving you some of my favorite recipes of detox water that are super easy and actually delicious; none of those gross, unenjoyable ones. I notice my nails grow a lot faster and my skin LOVES it. I'm less oily and get fewer breakouts as well.


Steep some of this Dandelion Detox tea and let chill in the fridge until fully brewed and chilled. Mix the tea with equal parts of water and chop up lemon. Squeeze the lemons and drop right into the water. Add ice & sip away! Don't be afraid of the dandelion either; once mixed with the lemon it's really refreshing. TIP: I've seen people add a splash of diet cranberry juice too! I stick away from that because of the added calories/sugar. 


This is the recipe that got me hooked on doing these waters. This tastes so good I almost feel guilty. Chop up a lemon and 4-5 strawberries. Drink right away or let sit in the fridge to get the full flavor.


Cucumber gives the water a really healthy taste, the mint makes it refreshing, and lime gives it an added zing. A few slices of cucumber, two or three mint leaves, and half a lime should do the trick. This water is packed with helpful digestive properties as well as antioxidants. 


Syracuse pride am I right? Anyway, a half a handful of blueberries and half an orange in a cup of ice water makes for this yummy water. Adding lemon would be great too! 

So get an extra large mason jar and try some of these waters, you won't regret it!