Favorite Beauty Tips

I recently learned some new tips as well as revisited some old ones and I felt the need to share with you all!

D I Y   T E A   T R E E   T O N E R   W A T E R   
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Tree Tree Toner water should for sure be in your skincare routine if you have oily, acne prone skin like me. I get minor blemishes here and there, but this helps a lot. For every 30ml or so mix 15 drops of tea tree oil and shake it up. I like to add a pinch of coconut oil as well and also 5 drops of lavender for some added benefits.

F A C E    P R O D U C T S

I recently found a really interesting fact about the pores on our face. The pores grow downward, which means we should apply products certain ways. When applying your primer or foundation, apply downwards to of course avoid having product buildup in your pores but also for the pores to look less noticeable. Also when you apply foundation downwards, the little hairs on your face will lay flat as well. As for moisturizers, serums, things of that nature, apply upwards. You want those beneficial products to seep into your pores and work. Make sense?


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I'm guilty of forgetting to exfoliate my body. Luckily I swear by my Clarisonic, so I typically exfoliate my face most days. It makes a world of difference. Mix two parts sugar + one part olive oil (or even coconut oil would be great!) and scrub your legs before shaving. It makes your legs silkier and smoother. St. Ives. peach face scrub is great and a good drugstore buy for your face in place of a Clarisonic. Exfoliating promotes cell turnover, gets rid of dead skin, and in time will prevent acne  and clogged pores due to less buildup of skin cells.

P E R F U M E   H O T   S P O T S
I started wearing more high end perfumes lately and I want to get the most out of them of course. I started to pay attention to where the best places to put the perfume is. Inside your wrists, inside elbows, behind your ears, and base of your throat (all your pulse points) are the best places for perfume and will make it last all day. I will never forget watching Michelle Phan on YouTube so many years back when I first got into beauty. She said to pat your wrists together after putting on perfume rather than rubbing them. You get the most scent payoff that way.

Hope you learned a new trick!