Fall Inspiration

If you haven't heard already, fall is my favorite season.  I wanted to make a Pinterest board that included some fall things that might inspire you for the season. I included recipes, outfits, makeup looks, activities, and fall colors. If you love fall as much as me, you'll appreciate this post. Also feel free to follow me on Pinterest! I don't pin very often but when I do I'm a maniac about it and create 5 boards at a time.

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September Playlist

I've decided to make monthly playlists a consistent thing on the blog. Take a listen to the songs I've been listening to the most on my Spotify. Lots of influence from my roomie who has amazing music taste (hi Nicole).

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Simple Stripes

It's still kinda warm where I am so I'm still wearing some of my linen popovers. In today's post I decided to mix-match some prints for class. 

I apologize for the shadow-y pictures! 
Don't be afraid to mix stripes and another print, such as leopard. You'd be surprised how easily they can flow together. 



CollegeFashionista: Autumn Aztec

Check out my latest CollegeFashionista article featuring this statement sweater! 

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And happy fall to all my readers!


Dorm Room Tour

Welcome to my crib, MTV.

Feel free to ask where certain things are from! 

Fashion Week Review

Today's post includes some of my favorite looks and shows from New York Fashion Week Fall 2015!


I love Diane not only for her iconic presence in the fashion industry but she truly is such a great person. I was an avid watcher of her show on E! and I'm so excited for the new season (definitely watch if you're into the fashion industry and behind the scenes of the fashion world). I love how she used famous models in her show such as Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters. Her looks were very elegant and fun such as the one I showed above. How great would this dress be for a wedding or even a prom? Of course she included some of her iconic wrap dresses too in really fun prints. 


It was honestly painful trying to pick just one look to have as the picture for Banana Republic. How great are these looks? I love how they mix classic, timeless fashion with the modern twist. That's how I like to explain my own style, and I feel like people never understand what I mean since it's quite an oxymoron. I guess just look at Banana Republic's line to see what I mean! Like the look above, it combines a classic silhouette and the pinstripe blazer with a modern print of the flowers. I love the fluidity of this look -- there's a lot going on but it works so effortlessly well together. 


What I noticed a lot for this show was the great makeup. Very simple eyes, bold brows, and bright lips. For the look above, I really love the different textures. How great would the top be for a night out? The color hues in this show were what made it onto my favorites list. Emerald green, burgundy, black, and some metallic gray. One look had snake skin, others had beautiful high neck lines. Basically, I want every look in my closet right this second.


I'm a huuuuge fan of this look as well as the rest of the line just because of how classic and timeless they all are (my favorite type of fashion). Lots of minimal looks, but I loved it. This outfit above is fantastic just because of the monochromatic and elegant feel but the pop of color for the shoe. He did this for a lot of looks but I feel like most people should take that as a tip for adding color into their outfit -- shoes is such an easy way to do so.


As mentioned before, I really like the different textures in this look, as well as throughout the line. I would wear the sandals everyday. This show had lots of fringe detail that I'm usually not a fan of, but it was great here. Bravo Rachel Zoe.


This skirt is EVERYTHING. I love it in the red version too. I'm really digging the edginess in this show from Kate Spade; lots of black and leather. I would wear the outfit above every day, any occasion. I'm usually a fan of her shoes, but the only thing about this show I'm not thrilled about are the 'Valentino'-esque heels. Loving the daisy jumpsuit and the dog handbag though, those are really fun.

September Money Well Spent

Yay for it almost fully being fall! As you'll come to realize, this is my absolute favorite time of year. For the fashion of course, but also the chillier weather, changing leaves and just the amount of fun things that happen in the fall months.

Now onto what I consider some great investments for this month.


Okay, half the reason I love fall fashion is the fact I get to wear my precious Frye boots. Riding boots are absolute staples for fall! You can wear them with jeans, long sleeve shirt and a puffer vest; or if you're feeling extra sassy wear it with your favorite long sleeve dress and add tights if necessary. Investing in my Frye's was the best decision I ever made. They're so well made and exactly what I look for style wise. Invest once and you'll never have to replace them because of their quality, right?


A classic blazer NEVER goes out of style. Casual or dressed up for work, they're great for any occasion. If I'm feeling super fancy, I'll wear one with jeans and some flats. Everyone always assumes they're for dressier occasions but they are perfect for everyday. Want to turn heads? Blazer + Jeans combo will do the trick, promise.


A jacket for those chillier days that aren't quite cold enough for a full blown parka. My favorites are the field jacket from J.Crew (maroon) and the mechanic/military jacket. I've always adored Barbour so I included one from them too. They're all super comfy and perfect for transitioning through the fall!

Until next time. 

Prep School

What most people don't know about me is but I truly adore the 50's-70's time era of prep. The 'oldies' boarding school look with sweaters and cords and loafers, etc. Think Dead Poet's Society or the old Ivy school look. So I thought I'd emulate that type of look with a classic twist. I also saw a picture of Blair Eadie from Atlantic Pacific and wanted to sort of recreate her look.

I'm SO in love with my J.Crew Georgie Loafers, as stated previously

I've been really into stacking and layering tons of bracelets lately. I love the look of them on both arms.


Cool Tones

How amazing are these Madewell fatigue pants? I talked about them in my August favorites. And you probably saw this outfit on my Style Guru Bio for fall semester of CollegeFashionista.

Love my coordinates necklace, it's where Mike and I met :)

When I decided we had enough pictures hahaha.

Ray-Bans | Necklace | Bracelet - Similar | Bracelet (2) - Similar | Heels | Shirt | Fatigue Pants