My Agenda + more! #BloggersBTS

Hi everyone! If you're obsessed with being organized and decking out your daily planners, this is the post for you. I'm talking what planners I enjoy, what I do to when I write things down, my favorite place to get stickers, and favorite pens/pencils/highlighters + more!


This was my first planner from my freshman year of college. I was the epitome of a basic preppy gal a year ago at this time, hence the bright Lilly choice and the stickers you'll see later. I like to think that I've toned down from that lifestyle, you can even tell by the planner I got for this year.

The planner's front page is a double sided pocket, pretty standard.

Color coded months for easy finding and flipping.

One of my monthly views. This month I strictly used this page for mostly everything, since I wasn't in school just yet and didn't have daily tasks; hence the tons of writing and items.

A typical month. Birthdays, appointments, no class days.

Now onto the daily/weekly view! I was really into color coding each class then writing my assignments in black next to them. Important things were highlighted. I also like to check things off once I'm done with them. The post it towards the top left is a quote, I like adding these randomly so when I get to the week I get a little reminder.

Another quote Post-It, this one by the one and only Jenna.

A plain view. 

Each month has a page with a quote and a Lilly design.

A crazy prepster? Yeah that was pre-college Shelby. The whale is Vineyard Vines, the bow tie is Fraternity Collection and the anchor is from Red Bubble.
I loved this agenda, I totally wore it out before it was even time to get a new one. This one goes August 2014-December 2015; typical times for agendas. If you like vibrant colors and prints, this one is for you. I also felt like there was more than enough room to write everything down.


Now onto my current lifeline! I drastically changed color/style right? I love this one because it's sooo plain inside. As seen in last years agenda, I like to color code. These pages are strictly black and white.

Like my other one, I have a double sided pocket page in the front. I keep my to-do lists, my upcoming blog post ideas, things of that nature in here. 

Unlike the Lilly one, the month pages are just polka dots.

A current monthly view. I'm trying to use my monthly views for planning scheduled blog posts. I'm still deciding if I like it! Everything else is written in black (birthdays, anniversarys). My work hours are written in pink. 

Like the month before, September has black writing for important dates. Of course I marked down New York fashion week?!

Now keep in mind, I haven't had this agenda for school yet so the pages are quite bare. That's mainly why I showed my Lilly one, because you can get a better feel for how I keep track of things. 

My big thing for this agenda is Post-Its. I put important things to remember, my to-do lists, things like that so I don't just skim over them. This is why I had SO MANY Post-Its in my recent bag post.

More monthly planning pages. These would be great for writing birthdays again, anniversaries, etc.

The back is just as cute, with the Kate Spade logo and this carpe diem sticker from


Post-Its are life. Obviously.

This year I'm using this Kate Spade pouch for all my pens/pencils, etc.

These PaperMate pens are LIFE.

Some of my various favorite highlighters and pens. Anyone else super particular about theirs? 

Hope you enjoyed! Be sure to follow the linkup #BloggersBTS for more 'desk' related posts!