Go-To Outfits for Class

Ahhhhh early morning classes. Hate 'em while I'm sitting there half asleep, but love 'em cause I finish my school day earlier. Being a fashion major, it's harder for me to just throw on sweatpants and a t-shirt like most college students. I feel like that's super unprofessional and also quite awkward when people ask what my major is. So I've adjusted what I consider comfy and I have some go-to outfits for those early mornings that I just cant fathom wearing anything too extravagant. I did one of these for my >very first posts< on The Gold Dime! These are perfect for fall when things start to cool down.

{Also! This is my first post in my Bloggers Back to School linkup with Cathleen from Classy Cathleen and Nicole from Empire Styles! Follow the hashtag #BloggersBTS to read more Back to School related posts. Each week has a theme; this week is fashion! Stay tuned for more}

Chambray and black jeans is such a classic look. It's all over Pinterest and there's tons of ways to style this look. Depending on the weather/how far you're walking to class, etc. your choice of shoe can change. Add a statement necklace or a couple bangles (or both!) for more pizzaz. 

Gingham, denim, and simple black flats is so easy to throw on, yet makes you look so put together and professional.  Change up the colors for an entirely new outfit. Having a bright colored bag for this look would look great too!

I wear this ALLLLL the time. A simple puffer vest, a classic striped tee, and leggings/J.Crew Pixie pants is super comfy and casual for class. Wearing all my favorite jewelry gives it some more of that "put together" vibe. If it's cold or rainy Hunters are my choice of footwear or I'll opt for some simple black converse. If I'm feeling extra jazzy I'll wear a white button down or neutral gingham shirt and my bright red Hunters. Any color vest will do, and don't be afraid of mixing prints! I wear a Herringbone vest with stripe shirts all the time.

Good luck with those 8AMs!