Back to School Advice

Here's some back to school advice as told through some quotes. College is a time of meeting new people, maintaining a heavy homework load, as well as having some of the best years of your life.

1. Don't slack on your work, do extra work where it is needed, and plan ahead. Have a paper thats due at the end of the month? Why wait? At least get a head start on it. You'll thank yourself when it comes time to finish it. 

2. Do you really need to go to see a movie on a Tuesday night when you have a huge paper due in the morning? Sometimes you have to say no to some fun things, it's apart of life. Remember why you're in college in the first place. 

3. You meet tons of new people no matter what year you're in for school. Always be open minded, friendly, and genuine when meeting people. 

4. But no matter who you meet or become friends with, stay true to you and still do what you want to do in life. 

5. You do realize you have to get a job after a few years of partying and studying right? Get involved. Boost your resume with internships, extra curricular, and intramural sports. Imagine your dream job and do everything in your power to get there. 

6. But of course, have fun. College is a blast. Make the most of your years there. 

Good luck this year! xo