August Money Well Spent

End of August is here, where did summer go? In this month's MWS we are talking Fall prep just like last month, but a little more serious this time. I included lots of shoe options as well as some denim. Can't go wrong with any of those. August/Early September is a tricky time because it's still pretty warm but with an occasional chilled day. 


Booties in August? Don't freak out on me just yet. This is prime boot time because they're just coming out with all their new styles and colors. I picked ankle booties rather than full fledged riding boots this month because you can honestly still wear these lil' guys with some sundresses. Roll up your jeans and wear them with a loose-fit band tee or oversized v-neck for a comfy and casual look during transition time. 

If you haven't already splurged on some good denim, now is the time my friends. Please put those awful American Eagle jeans away that have the designs on the back pocket (some even have sequins now?). I suggest going to GAP or J.Crew for some great denim. I recommend a dark wash to invest in because it can be dressed up or down. 


I like to think of Sperry's as a dressy shoe, some may not agree. For those, I suggest a nice suede or leather loafer. These both are so classic and can be worn for years to come if you invest. They'll never go out of style! Loafers can be worn to work too. For the Sperry's-- don't get those leopard print ones or sequins, I promise you'll end up regretting them like I did. Just put my sequin ones on Poshmark actually. Do yourself a favor and get a neutral, timeless pair.