August Favorites

It's about time for another favorites post here on The Gold Dime.
I love doing these posts because they're like mini reviews and I give you my opinion on some of my most beloved things. Maybe you'll love them just as much as I do!

1. BLK. Water- I've known about this stuff for a while but just recently became a big drinker of it. It's water with fulvic trace minerals. The minerals are what make it black and hence the name. Everyone's so afraid to try it but I can honestly say it taste like regular water. I also get the mango flavored one -- fruity and refreshing with no calories and all natural. You can find these in the organic section of the grocery store.

2. Madewell Skinny Fatigue Pants- My first ever Madewell purchase and I'm sooo impressed. I love these mainly because they don't stretch out during the day and get baggy. Nothing drives me more insane than having loose fitted jeans by the end of a work shift or just a long day. These are perfect. They have zipper details too but it's not too gaudy. 

3. J.Crew Hayden Satchel- So when J.Crew was having that fabulous 75% off sale I score this beauty. It fits so much (see what I mean in this post). I love the tassel detailing; I think that was the initial reason I fell in love with it when I saw it online. Unfortunately, I think it's sold out now. The fall bags have the similar tassel detail, check it out down below.

4. Calvin Klein Undies- I can thank Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and my best friend Sarah for this favorite. They're SO comfy and I realized they're not super expensive. I can't express how worth it they are. I treated myself and got a bunch of the undies. I have one of the bras and it's equally as comfy. Highly recommend, sorry Victoria's Secret.

5. FIT Me! Matte and Poreless Powder- I decided to try a new face/setting powder this month and I'm really happy with what I decided. I like this one because it actually gives you a little coverage (I usually buy translucent powder) and it definitely does keep you pretty matte. And it's cheap!

6. Starbucks Iced Caramel Machiattos- When I'm having a rough day at work or I'm absolutely exhausted my 'treat' is a caramel machiatto on my break from Starbs. There's not much to say about them other than they're delicious and I recently started drinking them a lot more. Healthy? No I don't think so. If anyone has any 'skinny' options for them, let me know!

7. Arquiste for J.Crew Perfume No. 57- I got the rollerball of this musky and oaky smelling perfume at Christmas and I was saving it for special events. I realized why the heck should I wait around for something "special" and let this amazing scent go to waste. I'm a HUGE fan of musky scents. This one is described as a "woodsy blend of cedarwood, cinnamon, and whiskey". I have to say that's a pretty spot on description. Smell it the next time you're in your local J.Crew. 

8. Steve Madden Proto Pumps- I was at Saks Off Fifth a few weeks ago and scored these at an amazing price. I've wanted a plain, simple black heel and these were perfect. They're surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in too. These are coming up in a future blog post :)

9. Ray-Ban Aviators- I recently started wearing my brown aviators a lot more. These were my first pair of Ray-Bans and the ones that made me realize the Ray-Ban hype. They are the perfect size for me, I love extra large sunnies. I think this is a great pair for everyone if you're thinking about buying your first pair.

10. Poshmark- I made a quick post about my Poshmark account a few weeks back. I can't emphasize it enough how easy and mindless it is to sell on this app and right from your phone! You take pictures, state the basic information about the item, pick the price, and list it. People can make offers on your items and it's up to you to counteroffer or just accept or decline the offer. When someone purchases your item you get sent an email with the prepaid shipping label all filled out. All you really need to do is find a box/envelope to ship your items and that's it! SO easy. Your money is sent directly from Poshmark, no need to fuss with Paypal or pay for shipping. I highly suggest digging through your closet and finding some things to list -- I've made around $250 in three weeks.