New & Improved!

I'm SO excited to announce my new layout and design of The Gold Dime. Late last night I decided to give it a revamp and a much needed makeover. Ever since I started my blog the layout/HTML coding/CSS has been a whole different language to me as well as quite the hassle at times. I've always felt "eh" and quite iffy about the layout of my blog but now I'm thrilled. So after almost 3 months, I'm really relieved and proud of the aesthetic now.  

Just thought I'd give you a little overview on the new features as well as refresh you on some old ones.
  • Be sure to subscribe to your right to get emails every time I publish a new post and stay in the loop.
  • I added signatures {stay fab} to my posts for an added personal touch (so disregard my sign-offs on older posts, I'll look super repetitive but thats just how the coding works and it added it to all posts).
  • My social media links are now at the top of the page with each of their icons! Follow me! 
  • My extra pages such as About Me, FAQS, etc. are also at the top of the page.
  • The categories section has some "subjects" of my posts; making it easier to find all fashion or all beauty posts when you're browsing.
  • Links aren't always a different color now, you need to hover your cursor over them and they should change color!
I hope you all enjoy my new layout! I'm so proud of it!