My Poshmark account!

Helloooooo everyone! So I caved and downloaded the Poshmark app. Recently I've come to find I have a ton of clothes, bags etc. that are really good quality and I've barely worn. I listed some on eBay but didn't have very much luck. So even though you don't make the full price of what you list on Poshmark, it's SO much easier than eBay! You just upload your pictures right from your phone, add all the details, and list. What I love the most is they email you the prepaid shipping label for you to print out, which is why you don't make the full price you list it for. I'll take convenience over a few bucks honestly. 

The point of this post is I'm encouraging you to check out Poshmark, follow my closet, and try to sell some of your own stuff! So simple to do!

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Happy selling!