Must Have Clothing Items for Fall

This particular post will be a fall oriented clothing must haves. Fall transitioning is tough for some, but with a year of college under my belt I can promise you these will be necessary.

Rain is probably the worst part of having to walk anywhere on campus. Cannot tell you how many times I've been on the complete opposite side of campus from my dorm and it started to rain. A small compact one is ideal, it'll fit into your bag and will always be handy. 

Of course, a jacket is nice too. I have a black monogram zip up one and it's pretty fabulous. Obviously one with a hood is more practical but I love myself a nice trench. 

If you haven't at least seen Hunter Welly boots, i'm sorry but you're living under a rock. I bought my first pair 4 years ago and they're still in amazing condition. They've updated them since then, but it just shows how great of quality they are. My first pair was black but now I have a red one to spice things up a bit. Your feet will stay super dry and they're really comfy too!

I have the J.Crew puffer vest in almost every color. They're such a nice added touch to an outfit and perfect for layers. I suggest a black or white one to start. 

You'll thank me when you're stuck in a rain storm in flip flops and a tank top.

A winter edition of this will be coming in a few months!