June Favorites

June Favorites

I know it's a little delayed but I wanted to share what I've been loving during the month of June! (Can you believe it's July already?!)

1. Anastasia Brow Wiz: I've been using this eyebrow pencil for almost or around a year now and I don't know what I did before it. I love it because it's not too creamy and gives you a precise line while still giving you natural brows (although I'm sure some people may say mine are the least bit natural, I understand). I've tried to go back to using a gel or a powder and I just don't like the way it comes out! 

{Anastasia Brow Wiz}

2. Que Bella Replenishing Dead Sea Mud Mask: I've been having a few little breakouts here and there and this seems to be the only mask that can calm them down. I love the smell of it and this brand is super cheap at Target. The big tube is $6  compared to the $2 packets, but will last forever!

{Que Bella}

3. J.Crew Textured Beach Sweater: Thank you to my kind mother for buying this sweater in almost every color and allowing me to wear them (and thank you for not killing me when I snagged the white one :( ). Anyway, this sweater is super comfy and airy which makes it the perfect summer sweater. 

{Beach Sweater}

4. Kate Spade "ever & ever" Pendant necklace: I received this beautiful necklace from Michael for my birthday and I can't stop wearing it lately! It layers so well with my shorter necklaces which I love about it. It's not super flashy either. And how cute are the keys? They spell out "love" and have little spades!

{Kate Spade}

5. Francesca's Collections Earrings: I've been trying to broaden my horizons in the earring department and I went to Francesca's to find some. Although I absolutely HATE my local store (the employees are always SO rude whenever I'm there) I'm so glad I went in to get these. I've been wearing them everyday and they go with everything!

{Naturally, couldn't find the shop link for them, not a fan of the brand really}

6. J.Crew Pull-On Shorts: I went out on a whim back in April and bought some of these shorts from the factory store. I was so iffy about them when I first wore them but now I know how to style them better. They are soooo comfy, they feel like PJ shorts. I like to half tuck my shirts when I wear them; when I fully tuck they sometimes look like a diaper (sad truth). I like these better than the chinos honestly cause the chinos are stiff and uncomfortable sometimes!

{Comfiest Shorts of Life}

7. Colourpop Lippie Stix: These are fantastic. They're matte, long lasting, beautifully pigmented, and best of all, FIVE DOLLARS EACH. I talk a lot more about them in my swatches post so check that out! My favorite shades are Lumiere and Frenchie.


8. GoPro Hero: I recently got my GoPro and I'm honestly still learning how to use it. I got the most basic model that GoPro makes. But from things I've filmed so far, I love it. I got it to do some vlogs as well as for a project I plan to have ready by the end of summer so stay tuned for that :) Also, the GoPro customer service is great!