July's Money Well Spent

I’m leaning more towards pieces you could double for fall weather since our summer is almost half way done (I know that’s the last thing we all want to hear). This month’s money well spent will help you finish out your summer in style while preparing for the fall months.

Gingham shirt
Gingham is relevant all year round. The colors that seem to work during any season are navy, black, and red. These colors are great for summer paired with a pair of chino shorts or an ideal layering piece for your knit sweaters in fall. Add a chunky jeweled necklace for a modern look.

 $78 // $88 

For some reason I was so against feeding into the fedora trend. But time after time they look great on Rach Parcell from Pink Peonies, so I caved. I couldn’t find an exact style that I liked at J.Crew so I headed to my trusty local Target for mine. These continue to keep coming out each summer so if you invest, you’re all set for summers to come.

$58 // $58

A lightweight v neck sweater is a perfect option for finishing off your summer months. They're loose and comfortable for the warmer months but also could be worn into the fall. A v neck is a great neckline for summer as well. I picked three neutral colors that would be your best option. They'll also be in style for years to come, making it worth the splurge.

$89 // $88