July Favorites

July seemed to be such a long month for me! Unfortunately as July comes to an end, now it seems like I'm in full fledged back to school mode {but thats another post ;) }. So today's post is a collection of the things I've been loving during the past few weeks. 

Clearly July was very colorful :-)

1. Harry Potter Movies- All my life I had never gotten into Harry Potter. I could never see the obsession or the draw to it that so many people seemed to have. Michael got me into them over our vacation and I gotta say, I really loved them. I still haven't seen the last movie though so don't spoil it for me!

2. Kate Spade 2015-2016 agenda- I recently got a new agenda because I was really over my Lilly Pulitzer one. Everyone has one, I'm not even that big of a fan of Lilly prints anymore, and I wanted to start fresh. I got the largest agenda that Kate Spade produces and I love it. The pages/font are black and white and very clean looking, which I love. It's a huge change of pace from my Lilly one but I love it so much more. 

3. Naked Palette by Urban Decay- I have every Naked palette and yet I never seem to use them as much as I should. I recently started to use my first one a lot and I gotta say this is my favorite one out of all of them; it suits my hazel eyes better than the other ones. My favorite shades are Naked, Buck, and Toasted.

4. Kate Spade bedding- I had a really cheap Target comforter for my freshman year and I wanted to upgrade. I got this gray and white polka dot bedding from Kate Spade at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I'M SO EXCITED. My color scheme at school is gray, black, and turquoise so this fits in perfectly.

5. YouTube vlogs- I've really been into watching my favorite YouTuber's vlogs lately. My favorites are Aspyn Ovard & Parker, Ayydubs, and Casey Holmes when it comes to vlogs. I have a TON of favorite regular YouTubers that do makeup tutorials and such, I watch those religiously. I could do an entire post on who I watch! 

6. The 1975- UGHHHHHH. The 1975 is my absolute favorite band, many don't know that. There's something about their sound that I really love, and Matt Healy? Hellooooooo. Recently I've been listening to them more than usual, like it's the only thing I put on. Naturally, they're going to NYC in December and I'm trying to figure out how I could possibly go. 

7. J.Crew Georgie Loafer- I've wanted black loafers for probably 2 and a half years now and just never seemed to find ones that fit my huge and wide feet. Of course, J.Crew came through for me as it always does and recently came out with these beauties. They come in 3 other colors (that I'm thinking about as well). They take some breaking in but I can already tell they're going to be the best pair of shoes I invested in. 

8. Homemade Tea Tree Oil Toner- I've been really into cutting costs and saving money on things that I really don't need or ones I could even make myself. I finished one of my favorite LUSH products, the tea tree oil toner, and I happened to look at the ingredients. It's so simple and so not worth paying 10+ dollars and shipping for, although it is an amazing product. So I googled some simple recipes. I filled the empty spray bottle almost to the top with warm filtered water, a pinch of coconut oil, about 13 drops of tea tree, and 3 drops of lavender. So much cheaper and smells better too!

9. ELF "Gotta Glow"- Piggybacking off the cutting costs theme, I picked up this $3 highlighter from ELF at Target. I wasn't expecting much, but I was running out of my Anastasia highlight powder and I was desperate for a cheap alternative. I LOVE. It's a really yellow, golden shimmer. I broke the packaging because I tried to depot it (I failed) but hello, three bucks?

Try out some of these goodies and let me know your opinions!