Batter Up

Okay, I know the title is super cheesy. That's not what we're here for though.
Going back to my roots where I played in the dirt on my hands and knees and basically where I grew up watching my brother play baseball as a kid, I wore my favorite black and white striped dress with an oldie but goodie J.Crew hat. Go with or without the oversized chambray shirt depending on what look you're going for.

Dress {similar} // Chambray Button Down // Converse // Hat {similar} // Short Necklace {this one has pave detail rather than none like mine} // Long Necklace

My Poshmark account!

Helloooooo everyone! So I caved and downloaded the Poshmark app. Recently I've come to find I have a ton of clothes, bags etc. that are really good quality and I've barely worn. I listed some on eBay but didn't have very much luck. So even though you don't make the full price of what you list on Poshmark, it's SO much easier than eBay! You just upload your pictures right from your phone, add all the details, and list. What I love the most is they email you the prepaid shipping label for you to print out, which is why you don't make the full price you list it for. I'll take convenience over a few bucks honestly. 

The point of this post is I'm encouraging you to check out Poshmark, follow my closet, and try to sell some of your own stuff! So simple to do!

Follow me for J.Crew, Vineyard Vines, Frat Collection, and more! 

Happy selling! 

July Favorites

July seemed to be such a long month for me! Unfortunately as July comes to an end, now it seems like I'm in full fledged back to school mode {but thats another post ;) }. So today's post is a collection of the things I've been loving during the past few weeks. 

Clearly July was very colorful :-)

1. Harry Potter Movies- All my life I had never gotten into Harry Potter. I could never see the obsession or the draw to it that so many people seemed to have. Michael got me into them over our vacation and I gotta say, I really loved them. I still haven't seen the last movie though so don't spoil it for me!

2. Kate Spade 2015-2016 agenda- I recently got a new agenda because I was really over my Lilly Pulitzer one. Everyone has one, I'm not even that big of a fan of Lilly prints anymore, and I wanted to start fresh. I got the largest agenda that Kate Spade produces and I love it. The pages/font are black and white and very clean looking, which I love. It's a huge change of pace from my Lilly one but I love it so much more. 

3. Naked Palette by Urban Decay- I have every Naked palette and yet I never seem to use them as much as I should. I recently started to use my first one a lot and I gotta say this is my favorite one out of all of them; it suits my hazel eyes better than the other ones. My favorite shades are Naked, Buck, and Toasted.

4. Kate Spade bedding- I had a really cheap Target comforter for my freshman year and I wanted to upgrade. I got this gray and white polka dot bedding from Kate Spade at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I'M SO EXCITED. My color scheme at school is gray, black, and turquoise so this fits in perfectly.

5. YouTube vlogs- I've really been into watching my favorite YouTuber's vlogs lately. My favorites are Aspyn Ovard & Parker, Ayydubs, and Casey Holmes when it comes to vlogs. I have a TON of favorite regular YouTubers that do makeup tutorials and such, I watch those religiously. I could do an entire post on who I watch! 

6. The 1975- UGHHHHHH. The 1975 is my absolute favorite band, many don't know that. There's something about their sound that I really love, and Matt Healy? Hellooooooo. Recently I've been listening to them more than usual, like it's the only thing I put on. Naturally, they're going to NYC in December and I'm trying to figure out how I could possibly go. 

7. J.Crew Georgie Loafer- I've wanted black loafers for probably 2 and a half years now and just never seemed to find ones that fit my huge and wide feet. Of course, J.Crew came through for me as it always does and recently came out with these beauties. They come in 3 other colors (that I'm thinking about as well). They take some breaking in but I can already tell they're going to be the best pair of shoes I invested in. 

8. Homemade Tea Tree Oil Toner- I've been really into cutting costs and saving money on things that I really don't need or ones I could even make myself. I finished one of my favorite LUSH products, the tea tree oil toner, and I happened to look at the ingredients. It's so simple and so not worth paying 10+ dollars and shipping for, although it is an amazing product. So I googled some simple recipes. I filled the empty spray bottle almost to the top with warm filtered water, a pinch of coconut oil, about 13 drops of tea tree, and 3 drops of lavender. So much cheaper and smells better too!

9. ELF "Gotta Glow"- Piggybacking off the cutting costs theme, I picked up this $3 highlighter from ELF at Target. I wasn't expecting much, but I was running out of my Anastasia highlight powder and I was desperate for a cheap alternative. I LOVE. It's a really yellow, golden shimmer. I broke the packaging because I tried to depot it (I failed) but hello, three bucks?

Try out some of these goodies and let me know your opinions!

July's Money Well Spent

I’m leaning more towards pieces you could double for fall weather since our summer is almost half way done (I know that’s the last thing we all want to hear). This month’s money well spent will help you finish out your summer in style while preparing for the fall months.

Gingham shirt
Gingham is relevant all year round. The colors that seem to work during any season are navy, black, and red. These colors are great for summer paired with a pair of chino shorts or an ideal layering piece for your knit sweaters in fall. Add a chunky jeweled necklace for a modern look.

 $78 // $88 

For some reason I was so against feeding into the fedora trend. But time after time they look great on Rach Parcell from Pink Peonies, so I caved. I couldn’t find an exact style that I liked at J.Crew so I headed to my trusty local Target for mine. These continue to keep coming out each summer so if you invest, you’re all set for summers to come.

$58 // $58

A lightweight v neck sweater is a perfect option for finishing off your summer months. They're loose and comfortable for the warmer months but also could be worn into the fall. A v neck is a great neckline for summer as well. I picked three neutral colors that would be your best option. They'll also be in style for years to come, making it worth the splurge.

$89 // $88 

Black & White

One of my favorite things to do is mix casual and chic. For years now I've been pairing simple graphic tees with dressier options. Whether it's a blazer, a big bedazzled necklace, or just adding heels it takes the shirt to a new level. Today I paired my favorite tee with my new skirt and my favorite black heels. I've really been loving white on white lately!

Shirt (similar options) 1 2 3 // Skirt (on sale!) // Bag (similar) // Heels (similar) // Lipstick
Sorry for all the "similar", some of these I've had for over a year!

My Beauty Wishlist

I've been trying to lay off buying makeup lately just because I have so many products sitting in my drawers that I've forgotten about. I'm making an effort to try things I already have in my collection as well as use up products that I like. If I could, I'd go on a huge makeup shopping spree to fill the space of the used up products. Here's what I'd get!

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop
I honestly just love Jaclyn Hill, I've been watching her on Youtube for years and I trust anything she would collaborate with wholeheartedly. 

Too Faced Born This Way foundation
I've heard it's like your skin but better and it has medium to full coverage which I really appreciate.

boscia Little Black Book set
I've been eyeing this line for almost a year now and I want to try it so badly; probably because I'm a sucker for anything "detoxifying".

Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks
I literally want every color. This is such a great brand and every lip swatch video/picture makes me want them even more. If I had to choose I think I would get Persimmon, Craft, and Carina.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz
I think I've wanted one of these since I fell in love with makeup. I just can't get myself to spend the money! Although I'm sure I'd have it forever and it's absolutely gorgeous.

This all being said, Sephora gift cards would be greatly appreciated.

New & Improved!

I'm SO excited to announce my new layout and design of The Gold Dime. Late last night I decided to give it a revamp and a much needed makeover. Ever since I started my blog the layout/HTML coding/CSS has been a whole different language to me as well as quite the hassle at times. I've always felt "eh" and quite iffy about the layout of my blog but now I'm thrilled. So after almost 3 months, I'm really relieved and proud of the aesthetic now.  

Just thought I'd give you a little overview on the new features as well as refresh you on some old ones.
  • Be sure to subscribe to your right to get emails every time I publish a new post and stay in the loop.
  • I added signatures {stay fab} to my posts for an added personal touch (so disregard my sign-offs on older posts, I'll look super repetitive but thats just how the coding works and it added it to all posts).
  • My social media links are now at the top of the page with each of their icons! Follow me! 
  • My extra pages such as About Me, FAQS, etc. are also at the top of the page.
  • The categories section has some "subjects" of my posts; making it easier to find all fashion or all beauty posts when you're browsing.
  • Links aren't always a different color now, you need to hover your cursor over them and they should change color!
I hope you all enjoy my new layout! I'm so proud of it! 

Pattern Shift

Love, love, love this shift dress. It's a little different for me regarding the print as well as the color, but as soon as I tried it on I fell in love. I feel as though girls my age don't understand the beauty of a nice shift dress. They're so flattering on every body type and look so elegant. Whether you're running errands (maybe minus the heels), or going out to a nice dinner, a quality shift dress is the perfect go-to outfit. 

Summer Linen

Shocker, white jeans in a fashion post (again and again). They're just so great in the summer and they pair so nicely with this new linen top I scored at the J.Crew factory outlet. 

Boardwalk Style

For once in my young life, I found some great pieces at Target. I'm always at Target (not even an exaggeration) and yet I'm never satisfied with their clothing. Sure I'll like something, but I never end up buying it. But FINALLY I found this adorable plain black romper!

Vacation Vlog

Hi everyone! My excuse for being MIA is a good one, I was on vacation for a little over a week! I told myself I would be good and post something everyday but time got away from me and I wanted to enjoy my time away. Even though I wasn't physically sitting down typing, I was recording! I used my GoPro a ton on this trip and created a little vlog for you guys (if that's the correct term to call this type of video). It's just a little overview on some of the stuff we did over the week.

I originally went down to Long Island to stay with Mike two days before we left for Lake Winnipesaukee for a week, which explains why I'm there in the beginning of the video. We were all over the place so it's hard to understand. Meredith is the neighboring town of Laconia (where we stayed) and we took a day trip to Salem.

New Hampshire was such a beautiful state. The mountains and scenery we're breathtaking! It was such a relaxing, low key trip and I'm lucky to have been able to go with Mike and his family.


CollegeFashionista: Channeling Chanel

If you missed my post yesterday, check out my Style Guru Style post about how Chanel influenced my outfit as well as a little background with my experience with the brand.

Yes it's an old outfit but the write up is all new!
Check it out & give me a RAD!