Treat Yo-self

I hope everyone has seen this episode of Parks and Rec. If not, look up the treat yourself episode cause that's really the best one of the series. Anyway! Every once and a while I'll do little things throughout my day to brighten my mood or just treat myself after a hectic schedule. Here are some of my favorite ways to add some happiness to my day.

  1. Coffee: Okay, I do this more than every few days. I almost never pass up the opportunity to stop at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks for a little pick me up. I generally just get iced coffee (regular, milk and sugar) because 1, Im addicted to coffee and 2, it's typically the cheapest thing on the menu!
  2. Target: This one is more geared toward girls who LOVE Target as much as I do. Sometimes when I've been stuck at home and just want to get out of the house I end up at Target just for fun. I love the dollar section, the crafty supplies, and makeup. I have yet to really find any clothes that I'm in love with there. Let me know any recommendations!
  3. Ice Cream: Since I work at an ice cream stand, I really don't care going by myself there (lol I know) but I'll meet some friends or drag my mom to go if I really just want a treat. I always get a small rather than my usual kiddie size because why not? Treat yo-self.
  4. Writing: Sometimes if you're really in a bad mood or just want to relax writing in a journal can really clear your thoughts and get things off your chest. Even typing up something on a word document is therapeutic. I love to write down inspirational quotes and put them all over.
  5. Dance: I have a weird love for cleaning my room, but I NEED to be blaring some music. My Spotify only consists of my favorite songs so I plug my computer into my speaker and just dance around and clean. You're killing two birds with one stone: clean room, better mindset. (and practicing your moves.)
  6. Makeup: Any other girls just get really hard on themselves about looks? Since I endured the awful 5 months of Accutane, I sometimes get really upset if I still breakout. Sitting down and doing your makeup and feeling yourself again can make you feel happy. (Might not be an option if you don't enjoy makeup as much as I do)
  7. Reading: I haven't made a trip to Barnes and Noble in so long! I used to go all the time and pick up a popular read or some sort of fashion book. In the past I've been a huge reader in the summer months. I get so caught up in books and the characters sometimes; I cried at the end of the Hunger Games series. It's nice to set aside some time for reading, it's especially great to do before bed.
  8. Cooking/Baking: I loooove to make my favorite foods, especially for breakfast. Baking some cookies is great too cause they'll last you a few days (maybe). Pancakes, french toast, or avocado toast are a few of my favorites.
  9. Pampering: A relaxing face mask, painting your nails, and reading a magazine is so cliche, but so relaxing! Light your favorite candle and play your favorite music and enjoy yourself.
  10. BLOGGING: Obviously diving into my blogging work is so fun to me. I love to plan out my posts, I write all my ideas down, and sometimes I'm even in the process of making vlogs/tutorials. I've always wanted to do something like this for the longest time and it makes me so happy that I finally took the chance and put my blog out there. Although people will always be negative of seeing someone do something that makes them happy, I truly am thankful for everyone who has reached out to me and gave me great feedback.

Remember, simply doing what makes you happy everyday is a way to treat yourself all the time. 
xo Shelby

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