Spontaneous LI Trip Recap

I'm sorry for the lack of posts; to be honest I was feeling really unmotivated last week and I was kind of in a funk. And the other reason I wasn't posting was because of a sudden trip to Long Island! But I'm back and ready to get more focused!

With some newfound free time, I was having some serious Long Island withdrawals and I really missed Mike too. Work schedules finally correlated and we said now or never. So within an hour, I was showered, packed, ticket paid for, and to the bus station! I left Tuesday night and came back very early Saturday morning. (Lots of snapchat quality pics, I forgot my camera (sad)) All the days I was there kind of resembled each other so some of these events possibly happened on different days.

God bless Michael for picking me up at Port Authority and navigating me through Penn. I'm still unsure of how I plan on living in the city one day. After an hour train ride from Penn I was exhausted.


We woke up decently early and strolled around the Town of Babylon. Mike wanted to show me some cute shops and docks that he couldn't show me when it was cold and snowy (last time I was down to visit). He showed me his high school and where he played varsity football, etc. I tried my very first Ralph's Italian ice and I'M IN LOVE. The first one I got was Rainbow Ice. 

Mike wanted to hit some baseballs and play catch with his friend Tom and I was designated photographer. I risked getting hit by a baseball in the head for this kid.

I honestly can't remember what we did the rest of Wednesday. There was a lot of just relaxing on this trip (much needed!).

We didn't have much planned for today either really. Just a lot of relaxing and hanging out.

We got (more) Ralph's, this time bubble gum and rainbow, and sat on his boat.

We went out to dinner with Michael's family to an amazing Italian restaurant! I love his family so it was fun being with them all together. 

Soon after that Mike went to work out at the gym and his mom, sister and I went shopping.


I JUST LOVE RALPH'S. We decided to get the quart size tub and got different layers of ices. Watermelon, Rainbow, Peach, Cotton Candy, and Summer slammer. It was delish. We shared it while watching Harry Potter, which I had never seen before (shocking I know). 


Originally, today was supposed to be my last day. We had to go to the beach still before I left so I could experience it so we got up extra early and headed to Robert Moses. It was so nice being there before the beach got packed, so peaceful! We walked the shore, swam a little, and made this sassy lil' sand castle. 

Mid-day I realized, like I always do when I visit, that I didn't want to leave. The only reason I planned on leaving was because I worked at 5pm on Saturday. We decided to leave super early Saturday morning so I could get back home in time for work. 
BASICALLY, I could stay an extra night!

We went to Chipotle for lunch with his mother. It was my first time at Chipotle!! Chipotle >Moe's, and I never thought I'd say that. 

If you haven't noticed, I wore my American Eagle cardigan practically everyday I was there. I highly recommend it for the summer months!

I'm pretty sure ever since I met Mike last August he's talked about his beloved boat. Since we had an extra night, he and his father finally got to take me out on it. It was super windy and the water was choppy so we got soaked! They showed me the canals nearby as well as well as the yacht clubs and the huge boats there. It's amazing to think some people just live right next to the ocean! The sun was setting so it was gorgeous out on the water.

Perfect end to my mini vacation!

Nothing is worse than knowing you have to go back home to reality mixed with a super early morning. I haven't gotten up at 6am since high school, so I wasn't happy. We had a 7:30 train into Penn but we had to get some bagels for me to bring home! 

You haven't lived until you have a Long Island bagel (upstate confessions).

Every other time I've visited Mike we've made a trip to the city but this time we couldn't. Luckily the bus I took home drove through and passed Manhattan and that was enough for me. I can't wait to live here one day!!

Hope you all enjoyed my little mini trip recap!

xo Shelby

P.S. I just got a GoPro aka more vlogs/behind the scenes videos and more :)

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