My Travel Essentials

If you're planning to take a vacation soon like me, you may think you're forgetting some really important things. I like to be over prepared whenever I travel and I always get nervous that I'll forget something I desperately need. Here are my picks for some necessities you might find helpful for your next trip.

travel essentials

SUNNIES- I bring my sunnies everywhere but I sometimes misplace them when I switch purses and whatnot. I bring a neutral pair as well as a fun pair like the ones shown; I like options! { Ray-Bans }

PORTABLE CHARGER- Nothing is worse than a low battery and missing the opportunity to take pictures on your phone. Other than that, I always get anxiety whenever I'm traveling by bus or train and my battery is low since I usually have to meet someone when I get to my destination. Having a back up charger like this eliminates that worry. { Amazon }

MINI HAND SANITIZERS- Gross public bathrooms are my worst enemy. I practically bathe in hand sanitizer while traveling and it's just a great item to have all the time. My favorites are from Bath & Body Works and I always get them 5 for $5 so I have plenty of them. { Bath and Body }

LIP BALM- I hate when I don't have some sort of lip product on hand. Especially in the summer when my lips are irritated and dried out from being in the sun. I love the Smith's rose bud salve lip balm because it gives you a glossy pink tint without being sticky like regular lip glosses. It lasts forever too! { Smith's }

DRY SHAMPOO- Honestly, sometimes we don't have the time to wash our hair. I like to use dry shampoo even when my hair isn't dirty just because it gives me so much volume. It's a nice refresher or your hair and makes your hair feel super clean. { Batiste }

SETTING SPRAY WITH SPF- This particular spray by Supergoop! is amazing. It's so cooling on the skin and dries instantly. I love it because it has a matte finish and it's made to control your oil. The small travel bottle is $13 but I feel like i'll get my use out of it for sure. { Supergoop! }

REPAIRING LOTION- I definitely got some color when I recently went to Long Island. I used this lotion on my back and arms to preserve my tan and prevent peeling. A repairing lotion will focus more on your skin rather than scented body lotions that are typically just made to smell nice and not moisturize. I used this lotion during accutane and I swear it saved my skin. This tub lasts forever too! { First Aid Beauty }

CAMERA- I of course am really into taking pictures and capturing moments etc. so I always love having my camera with me. I have the Canon EOS SL1 DSLR camera and it's amazing. I actually just received my GoPro Hero in the mail too so I'm excited to use that on vacation in July. { Canon // GoPro Hero }

PODCASTS- My brother recommended I listen to the podcast "Serial" recently and I'm so glad he did. Listening to a podcast is soooo much more enjoyable on a trip than listening to the few songs on my iphone. This particular podcast is really interesting and makes you think. It's about a murder story that happened in 1999. Check it out, I HIGHLY recommend! (and it's free!) { Serial }

SUMMER SWEATER- For some odd reason I ended up perusing through American Eagle last week and found the most perfect knit cardigan. I wore it literally everyday on Long Island. It's not too heavy and not too light which makes it perfect for summer nights and windy days. (On sale!) { AEO }

Safe travels this summer! 
xo Shelby

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