My go-to summer outfits

Go to summer outfits

1. Chambray & Chinos
I've worn chambray tops over a thousand times, it goes with so much. In the summer, a colorful pair of shorts and some sandals are a super cute and easy outfit to throw on in the morning. It's casual but still presentable; adding some jewelry will dress it up even more.
2. Gingham & White Denim
I think this is such a classic look for the summer months. This is perfect for back yard parties, days at the country club, or just to go shopping. There are so many colors of gingham you can pair with this. Some Jacks make the look even more classic; especially the white pair.

3. Stripes & Sneakers
I think my new love are shirt dresses. I have this one from and it's beyond comfy. I love pairing it with some sneakers to give it a really relaxed vibe. You can catch me wearing this to do errands. The black and white is so easy to accessorize too.


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