10 things I {really} learned my freshman year

I learned A TON my first year of college, and not always in the classroom. 

  1. Leave early to get to class. You get first dibs on the seat you want and that'll typically be your seat the rest of the semester.
  2. People are still caddy and dramatic, just like in high school.
  3. You'll meet lots of people from different walks of life and they'll claim their hometown is the greatest. (I'm talking about you Long Island people)
  4. Pay attention to your assignments and don't get lazy. Once you start to put in less effort, all of your work will pile up and ultimately you'll be miserable. AKA don't save all of your huge papers for the same week, I learned that the hard way my first semester.
  5. Not everyone you meet is a genuine person. You can be friends with people for a while and they'll suddenly turn out to be terrible people. (But because I'm not friends with them anymore I probably wouldn't have started my blog) and this always isn't the case (just my bad judgement) but try your best to find those people who are good friends and actually care about you. 
  6. Piggybacking off that, don't stop meeting new people. Always try to make new friends even if you find a little group of friends you're content with. The more the merrier.
  7. Know your limits. This applies for getting enough sleep, partying, drinking, and how much time you can set aside for fun during the week.
  8. Finals week really isn't all that scary. Just know what you have to study and adjust your time to do so for each test. Start preparing flash cards and study guides before finals week even begins. 
  9. Get involved. See what clubs and intramural sports are on your campus! I signed up for my school's fashion club as well as did a volleyball intramural with my friends and had a blast.
  10. Even if you're swamped with work always make time to do relaxing things and have fun. An episode on Netflix, work out, or go eat with some friends to break up your stressful work load.

If there's anything else I can say about freshman year it's to have fun. Get involved, never stop making friends, and remember why you're there; do your best in school!!