Tuesday's Quick Tip

I recently headed to my local Target for some more cheap face masks that I have been using recently. Like every other time I'm at Target, I buy things I don't need whether it's makeup or shoes. Luckily this time the extra unneeded items were only 99 cents (very rare occasion). I wanted to share a little tip I have for trying new products.


I hate to buy skincare, hair products, etc. if I don't know how great they will be (I'm iffy with drugstore products). I realized almost everything I want to try is in the travel section. What's great about this, you get a sample size and almost everything is just about a dollar. If you buy travel size, you get a decent amount to try it and to see how you like it! I have done this with plenty of face lotions, dry shampoos, and body lotions as well. I can try out the products for much, much cheaper and see if I want to buy the full size! If you like it right away and have leftover product, you have a travel size for when you're actually traveling too.

Another tip I have is buying these Que Bella $1.50-$2.50 masks! They claim they are a one time use, but I have used just one packet of these almost 6-8 times. What I do is I put them into little travel size containers. I will squeeze the entire packet and then use it whenever I please! I love these masks because I'm not splurging (just like my sample travel size products) and if they don't do anything for me, it isn't a huge loss. I have to say, each one I've tried from this brand has been pretty good considering the price. I have the tea tree and witch hazel one that is purifying and it clears and brightens my skin almost immediately! Check these out; I've tried almost all of them and I highly recommend. 

Hope this helped you for your next Target trip!
xo Shelby