Tour My Vanity!

I thought it would be fun to show you all a little peek into my makeup drawers and what I keep on my vanity. Aside from fashion, makeup is another huge love of mine. I've been trying to use up what I have before I buy anything this summer; I have way too much makeup to be blowing money on things I don't need! (Took me a while to realize this lol.)

Shoe poster from J.Crew :)

My extra brushes that I don't use everyday. I'm a huge fan of the Beauty Blenders!

Some of my favorite everyday products as well as my most used makeup brushes. I don't use every single brush each day, depends what kind of look I'm doing, and I switch them out with the extra ones a lot. I have one too many hand creams, I know. The "Stylish" box is filled with samples! (Hi Mike's senior picture!) I love facial sprays- the Lush Breath of Fresh Air and MAC Fix+.

I need to have a lamp when I get ready, I need to see what I'm doing! I don't understand how people don't use them when they get ready. 

Love my Simple Micellar Water, you can use it for so many things!

The blue containers have my $1 masks from Target, I like to store them this way instead of in the packs they come in so I can use them whenever I want and they don't dry out this way.

Now onto my makeup collection! I should've realized I had a problem when I decided to get this 5 drawer unit.

1st Drawer: I keep my favorite day-to-day items in here such as the foundations I gravitate towards and my favorite eyeshadows. I've really been loving my Z-Palettes; I depotted most of my MAC eyeshadows and its so much easier to use them this way. I also depotted some bronzers/highlights/blush for my smaller one. I've also been a huge fan of the MAC prep and prime skin base- I stay matte all day. Anastasia products are a MUST for my brows!

2nd Drawer: This is where I keep all my "extra" face products (blush, bronzer, powders, foundations etc.) I'm trying to use up some of my face powders because I have so many but I haven't found one I truly love. I need to start using my NARS blushes more- they're great quality!!

3rd Drawer: I keep excess eye products in this drawer, everything from primers to eyeliner. When I first discovered Urban Decay all I did was buy the sets of eyeliners so I have PLENTY. I even have a bright aqua blue one (???). I love my Urban Decay naked palettes, the Stila In the Light one is amazing too. 

4th Drawer: Lips! I've really gotten into wearing lipsticks/stains/glosses this past year. I need to invest in some good quality ones. I'm a huge fan of Kat Von D's liquid lipstick as well as MAC lipsticks. 

5th Drawer: Very random things are put in this one. I have lots of travel size samples that I save for trips, makeup wipes, hand sanitizers, and I keep my daily contacts in here. I have a little travel bag in here which is already packed for some reason!

I actually have never tried that mud mask... 

I like baby wipes to remove makeup too! This pack was a dollar at Walmart. 

Some old eyeshadow palettes are shoved in here too.

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing where I get ready everyday and sneaking a peak into my makeup drawers!! 

xoxo Shelby