Netflix shows I've been loving

This semester I've learned to budget my time a lot better; in other words: make time for Netflix. 

House of Cards
If you know me you know I really enjoy politics, and this show presents it in a whole new way. Frank Underwood is so manipulative but you gotta love him. Although I'm someone to check my phone or get distracted by other things, you really can't with this series. It's pretty fast paced and you need to pay attention to get the tiny details. House of Cards is also known for its symbolism, pay attention to them! Also, Claire Underwood's fashion is TO DIE for. 

How I Met Your Mother
I have to say, I never knew what the hype was about, but I adore this show. How I Met Your Mother is actually the perfect show because it's funny, realistic, and also has meaningful moments. I had seen episodes of this randomly when my dad would watch it but you really need to start from the beginning to get the full effect. It's 9 seasons long but worth every episode.

Some shows I plan to binge watch this summer include Friday Night Lights (half way through the series, never got around to finishing it!), Scandal, and my guilty pleasure: Dance Moms.

What are you guys watching lately?
xo Shelby

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