Mother's Day

Taking a moment to appreciate my wonderful mother and best friend! I am so thankful to have her in my life and I cannot wait to see her this Tuesday.

The greatest part about my mother is how similar we are. We can talk for hours about our favorite bloggers, celebrities, J.Crew, and also my future in fashion (she's so excited for me). She's famous for her "what's goin' on?" texts just to see what I'm up to, no matter how boring it could be. I'm guilty for stealing from her closet and giving her puppy eyes whenever I want to wear something of hers (looking forward to doing this again when I'm home). Most importantly, she's my biggest fan and supporter. If I wanted to jump off a bridge, she would be there with a sign saying "Go Shelb!". 
So glad I was blessed with a fabulous mother, wouldn't change a thing about her!

Happy Mother's Day.
xo Shelby

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