May Favorites

So last month's favorites were all beauty and I decided to give a little bit of everything for May. Here are a few items I've been loving recently during the month of May.

may favorites
1. ALESSO'S FOREVER ALBUM- I'm a huge fan of Alesso, so much to the point that I added him on snapchat so I can get updates from him. This album is great, although some of the songs have been out for a while. My favorites are Destinations, Sweet Escape, and Scars.

2. QUAY SUNGLASSES IN "BREAKFAST CLUB"- Ok, I'm being a tad excessive with explaining how much I love these shades. They're unlike anything I've ever had; the mirrored lenses are awesome. I chose to get the clear frames since they match everything. My Ray-Bans give me weird indents on my nose, ultimately taking some foundation off, but these Quay ones sit so nicely. Highly recommend!

3. KATE SPADE WALLET- I'm not sure what style this is, but it's the basic ones they always have. This one is in a beautiful cream color and I love it because it 1, goes with all my bags, and 2 because it looks so classy. It has the perfect amount of pockets/slots for cards.

4. NOT YOUR MOTHER'S SEA SALT SPRAY- I use this in my hair before I curl it. I think it gives a lot more texture and helps the curls stay longer. Sometimes if I'm feeling lazy I won't style my hair and I'll just spray this and scrunch my hair up a little.

5. J.CREW FACTORY WHITE JEANS- I had never owned white jeans until about two weeks ago! Crazy, I know, because they're a staple. They give my outfits such a summer-y vibe.

6. A THOUSAND WISHES BODY SPRAY FROM BATH & BODY- Not much to say, just what I've been reaching for when I pick my perfume for the day!

7. BEAUTY BLENDER SPONGE- I started to use this again once I got home from school since it's not a hassle to wet it like it was when I was away. It makes your foundation/concealer blend flawlessly! It soaks up excess product too so you're not a cake face. See me using it in my recent makeup post.

8. LONGCHAMP IN "GUNMETAL"- I didn't use my Longchamp tote very much at school but I use it almost everyday now! It's perfect to throw things in and go. It fits soooo much compared to my Speedy.

9. COASTAL LINEN CANDLE FROM TARGET- I love either really musky or really fresh smelling candles, this for one is super clean smelling. It makes my room smell so clean and airy!

10. STEVE MADDEN SANDALS IN COGNAC- I'm not 100% on the style of this sandal, but they were recently on sale at my local Steve Madden. I wear these to work at J.Crew and they're super comfy.

11. J.CREW CHAMBRAY TANK- This shirt is soooo comfy! The chambray shirts that J.Crew has been releasing lately are super soft and drapey which I love. It goes with everything too! The sizing is really off though, I got a 4 and its still pretty huge.

12. ICED COFFEE- Okay I have a problem. I might as well just have an IV of this stuff because of how frequently I've been drinking it. I either wake up in the morning and drive to Dunkin' Donuts, or while I'm at work I make some. I can have it at 9pm and go to bed at 10 if I really wanted too. Although I love it, I've noticed I've gotten really dehydrated because I've ignored h2o.

13. OLD SPICE DEODORANT- Call me crazy, but men's deodorant is SO MUCH BETTER. I used to by Clinical Strength by Secret and I'd still sweat. This doesn't have the white residue either!

Let me know if you try any of these products!
xoxo Shelby

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