A day in the life: My 19th Birthday

This past Friday was my 19th birthday, words can't describe how thankful I am for the day I had!

First off, I woke up to find that my boyfriend had traveled through the night from Long Island in order to surprise me when I wake up! After I settled down from being so excited, I wanted to go to Funk n' Waffles for my birthday breakfast. I had never been and I had recently found out where it was in downtown. Check out why I love it so much here! They have some really interesting flavors.


I just got the strawberries and maple syrup, Michael got an egg sandwich. My mom, grandparents, and uncle actually went an hour before us and wrote our names on the wall outside; so if you go, now you know the story behind our names being there :) 

After my complementary Starbucks birthday iced chai, showing Michael around Marshall Street, and a not so needed trip to the mall (as usual), we headed home to kill some time and play with my little cousin Scarlett. 

"Scarlett look pretty for the camera" 

Selfie game very weak, I blame my huge lens that was in the way.

I came inside to see my favorite little pastries as my "cake" from Biscotti's! I love these macarons, my mom and I go there all the time. I got this beautiful necklace from Michael!!

and he got this mug, can we just take a moment to appreciate it? I love Michael Scott and the Office. (One of the first Netflix shows we watched together!)

A reservation for dinner at a beautiful restaurant in downtown Little Italy was at 6:30 with the family.

First birthday in 3 years not spent at one of his baseball games, which I actually miss terribly.

This was the only picture I got of the restaurant, and it doesn't give it enough justice! It was so beautifully decorated.

After dinner, we met my best friend and her boyfriend at Big Dip, then we made a trip to Wegmans with them and got some snacks. We said goodbye to them and came back to watch How I Met Your Mother. It was a very low key day but I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you to everyone who was apart of my day :)

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!
xo Shelby