Favorite Fall Bags

Can you tell I'm excited for Fall? Today I wanted to talk about some of my favorite staple bags, what I use them for, and the ones I'm eyeing for Fall. I gravitate towards more neutral colors such as nude or black but I really love anything burgundy or olive colored for Fall.

S M A L L     S A T C H E L

I love a great small satchel that I can grab and go and it matches any outfit. Grocery shopping, meeting a friend, or going to work, it's a perfect bag to have. I'm really digging this one because of how cute the tassels are, but I have this inexpensive one and I use it all the time.

T O T E   B A G

I feel like everyone needs a great sturdy, big tote bag. I use mine for my school books or as an overnight bag. It's the bag I can throw anything in and not worry about stuffing it to the brim.

B U C K E T   B A G

I love bucket bags simply for how cute they are. I recently got this one on sale at J.Crew, and I love how it pairs perfectly with any outfit. It amps up your simple tee + jeans or is a perfect accessory to a unique outfit.

What bags are you keeping an eye on for Fall?

Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Fall has to be my favorite season of the year. I love bundling up in layers, everything apple + pumpkin flavored, the changing leaves, and of course Fashion Week. I did a bit of research to find out what the biggest trends will be for this upcoming season, out of curiosity and excitement. Today's post I'm giving you the scoop on what's going to be big for the autumn season.


Velvet is the texture of the season. Whether it's in your shirt, shoes, or dress, it's bound to be seen everywhere.

my picks


This past Spring/Summer off the shoulder was huge, but now it's all about the sleeves. Whether they're flutter sleeves, one sleeve, or bell sleeves, they're in for Fall.

my picks


Again, chokers have been big for a few months now. I'm starting to really love delicate ones and velvet pink ones.

my picks


I'm SO excited for this trend. There's so many styles too; it's essentially anything with a chunky thick heel.. I think a cute kitten heel and unfinished denim is so cute - it can be casual or dressy. Wear them to work or to class!

my picks


Last but not least, my favorite trend for Fall. I, of course love this pink trend because of The 1975. I see pink in coats, pants, shoes, even couches. I love the pink for Fall because it's so unexpected; it's not traditionally a Fall color. I'm also living for this blog post from J.Crew where they asked Leandra to wear pink for a week.

my picks

And that's a wrap. So, so excited for Fall!

August Playlist

This month's playlist is a bit mainstream with a hint of the J.Crew store playlist.
The mainstream is all the J.Biebs + Kanye on this list - can't go wrong with either.
J.Crew has been incorporating some great songs into their playlist and I've always loved their hipster, eclectic upbeat music. 'Come Save Me' and 'Party Talk' are perfect examples of ideal J.Crew music. 
When I heard that two of my favorites, Halsey + Chainsmokers did a song together, I nearly freaked out; it's so dang catchy. At the beginning of the month I strictly only listened to Closer on repeat.