Go-To Fall Outfit

Variations of this outfit is what I've been gravitating towards lately when I want to look 'dressy' but still comfy. I've been wearing this skirt so much lately, it goes with anything & everything!

S E E    I T   A G A I N

S H O P    S I M I L A R

October Playlist

It's time for a new playlist! I've been doing one (almost) every month for a year now. I love looking back to old ones and remembering memories from that time; that's basically why I do it, I get to share what I'm listening to with you all and I also get to look back to see. 
Anyway, this month's playlist has a ton of ODESZA because I recently discovered the 'radio' feature on Spotify and their station is really great.

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M O R E    M U S I C
My Car Playlist

Cozy Layers

My favorite part of the cooler months is bundling up and adding a bunch of layers to my look. Today I show you how I layer for Fall featuring some ripped Levi denim and my go-to black tank.

I also think a cute striped tee would be great with this look, or with the colder weather coming, a fun turtleneck!
If you haven't seen this look yet, check out the Levi's x CF feature here.

S H O P   S I M I L A R